The manufacturing unit is managed by experienced technical staff for production & quality control along with a team of expert technicians.

The entire production area is equipped with Air Handling Units (HVAC) and due consideration is given to nullify any possibility of cross contamination of the products. There is provision for Dehumidifier in Tablet, Blister Strip and Capsule Sections for humidity control. There is also provision for purified water delivered by Reverse Osmosis System with mixed Bed.

The manufacturing facility is made up of good quality construction materials and planned to facilitate unidirectional flow of materials. The material flow is further aided by systematic procedures, lifts to facilitate transport of materials and personnel and adequate workforce arrangements.

Each part of the production unit has been designed by experts keeping in mind the needs of the company, the maintenance of quality across different
  procedures, systematic functioning of various departments, and maintenance of efficiency in work.

All the processes in production unit are carried out in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures which are prepared and documented by experts. The procedures are regularly updated to ensure the incorporation of new developments and advanced procedures in manufacturing processes.


Chemo Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. R&D has been continuous, intensive and contributing. We have highly qualified research and development team headed by Doctors, Microbiologists and Chemists who assist production development at every stage to ensure the highest quality of products.

Our R&D team is constantly working on new processes and the development of new formulations, which has enabled Chemo Healthcare to launch Gliclazide, Ebastine, and Allupurinol drugs.
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